In my case Lead is coming from external system and might be they don't have the Lead Owner column so, i would like to set Lead Owner which is "Chatter External User" as a Default Owner. (I tried to select it from User Lookup but not able to see there)

Is it Possible to Assign Chatter External User to Lead Default Owner?

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No you can't make a "Chatter External User" as a Default Owner. Because "Chatter External User" don't have access of salesforce data.

But as a workaround you can make a text field and store the Id there and make a default owner to all external records. Using this way you can keep the track of which user own the record.


No, it isn't possible. Chatter Free/External and Chatter Plus users cannot be lead owners. Here's a list of things that Chatter Plus users can do: http://na8.salesforce.com/help/pdfs/en/salesforce_chatterplus_tipsheet.pdf (PDF)


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