how do I migration data from one live org to another? We have a requirement to move data from objects which include account, contact opportunities, related activities and a bunch of custom objects. Below are some of the ways that I have come through..

  1. Good old data loader
  2. Informatica pluggin
  3. Write a webservice in the destination org to pull in data from the source org.
  4. Any other?

Which approach should I choose for this.

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I'm currently in the midst of this for an org of Account-Contact-Case-CaseComment-Task (a thankless task)

I'm planning on a specific runningUser + Data Loader + triggers as you can do several things

  • Preserve the system audit fields like CreatedDate and LastModifiedDate
  • Is partial success-enabled with a builtin retry file in the errorXXXXX.csv file
  • Use triggers to automatically handle the cross-referencing you will need to add a child record to a previously loaded parent record without having to do Excel VLOOKUPs and the like. Can even handle hierarchies like Account.ParentId in most cases if the input is sorted by ascending ID (recommend only if you have sparse use of hierarchies - otherwise multiple passes on the object are required).
  • Assign default OwnerIds where the incoming ownerId is not an active user anymore

As an alternative, you may try service called Data2CRM.Migration. I think it can handle the migration data from one live org to another.

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    Do you have any affiliation with this product?
    – Adrian Larson
    Feb 7, 2017 at 14:03
  • Hi, Adrian, no, I haven't) should I?
    – John
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Another way of doing the data migration from 1 live org to another org is through Salesforce2Salesforce connection if the Object Mapping is same in both the destination and source org.

For e.g. If you want to migrate all the Accounts from 1 SF Org to another SF Org then you need to follow the below process.

  1. Connection between Source and Destination org i.e. PartnerNetworkConnection should be created
  2. Publish and subscribe the Account Object with field mapping in Source and destination org.
  3. Write a batch class that inserts the PartnerNetworkRecordConnection object so that all the Accounts are shared from Source to Destination.

Another option is Import2. We offer automated data migrations and can support custom objects as well. You can see how this will work with your own data with a free sample import here: https://www.import2.com/salesforce/from/salesforce

I manage the customer experience for Import2

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