I am running batch in the background where I am creating Master Accounts based on some criteria, however for testing purpose I deleted all Master Account records which were created from running the batch class.

Now when I am running the batch again, which will create the Master Accounts and will link to child accounts based on logic added, I observed that for few of the records on which Master Accounts were linked are referencing the old Master Account which I have Deleted.

I cleared all the data from my Recycle Bin
enter image description here

But still when I go to child account record, I found that reference is still there for the record which I have deleted.
I am getting following message when I hover over record on detail page:
enter image description here

Why the value is not getting Clear from the Look-up field even though I have enabled option :
What to do if the lookup record is deleted? Clear the value of this field.
Please suggest and advise.

  • Hi. What's the type of your field "Master Customer Account"? When you create a look up relationship, you can choose to clear the field when the master record is deleted. Jan 12 '17 at 9:17
  • Yes the option is enabled for this field :- What to do if the lookup record is deleted? Clear the value of this field. Jan 12 '17 at 9:21

Assuming you are trying to remove this ghost data... Try running the same query with WHERE clause isDeleted = true, then maybe run a hard delete on the returned records.


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