I have implemented a hybrid remote app for our Salesforce Community and also activated Push notifications for same.

By default, whenever you gets a push notification, tapping on it opens the app with the default Landing/Start Page as mentioned in the bootConfig.

I am trying to achieve if we can open any specific page other than landing page on Push notification click ? We will have the specific details to be included inside Push payload.

Does anyone have any experience on this.

Thanks for your help :)

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Finally I was able to get a solution on this so in case anyone running into Similar situation,

We need to utilise the "OnDeviceReady" event to achieve this,

Steps involved in the Solution Since we are building a remote hybrid app for Salesforce Community, this code will go inside your Community Landing Page,

Add the eventlistener in "Onload" js, document.addEventListener("deviceready", myDeviceReadyListener, false);

Add the Push registration Logic in the "myDeviceReadyListener" method,

function myDeviceReadyListener() { var push = PushNotification.init({ "android": { "senderID": "<<<>>>>>" }, "ios": {"alert": "true", "badge": "true", "sound": "true"}, "windows": {} }); push.on('notification', function(data) { //This is optional as I am trying to show Push message as an Alert when the //app is in Foreground if(data.additionalData.foreground) window.alert(data.title+'\n'+data.message); //window.alert('insidePushDeviceReady'); if(data.additionalData.coldstart){ //redirecturl will be additional key in your payload to hold //the relative url for redirection
window.open(data.additionalData.redirecturl); } }); }

Hope this Helps :)

  • Inside Android SenderID value - Please pass your gcm Project ID(Same as entered in BootConfig file) Jan 31, 2017 at 0:38

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