One can conditionally colour particular columns and rows within a page block table.

One of the best examples of this can be seen from the Visualforce Development Cookbook or the 2nd edition here.

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<apex:column style="color: {!IF(AND(NOT(ISNULL(campaign.ActualCost)), campaign.ActualCost<=campaign.BudgetedCost), "lawngreen", "red")}" value="{!campaign.ActualCost}"/>

However, is it possible to do conditional colouring on an enhancedList property?

<apex:enhancedList type="Your_Custom_Object__c" height="500" rowsPerPage="25" customizable="true" />

From the documentation on the possible attributes for this, it would seem that this isn't feasible? Does this mean that I would have to create another page block table section with a child page block table?

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    Maybe with Javascript... – Adrian Larson Jan 11 '17 at 20:36
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    You could, alternatively, attempt to add an icon (as a formula field) to the enhancedList – Sebastian Kessel Jan 11 '17 at 21:00

If you are really interested to do it. You can do it by Javascript (Jquery) using <apex:enahncedList/>

  • Download and add the jquery to page.
    • Include jquery on page by <apex:includeScript/>
  • Add the <apex:enhancedList/> for Campaign

Add the snippet in the last:

        $(document).ready(function() {    

        function colorIt()
            var theDiv = $("div[class$='col-ActualCost']");
            if(theDiv) {
                theDiv.each(function() {
                    var dollor = $(this).html();
                    if(dollor != undefined && dollor != '' && dollor != null) {
                        var removeDollar = dollor.replace('$','');
                        removeDollar = removeDollar.replace(/,/g,'');
                        var num = parseFloat(removeDollar);
                        if(num > 50000) {
                        else if(num > 25000) {
                        else if(num > 20000) {
                        else if(num > 9000) {
                            $(this).css('color','darkgoldenrod ');

Numbers 50000, 10000 etc. are the currency shown in each row in column Actual Cost.

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