I have been trying to figure out the REST API for email synchronization with Salesforce, and realized that there is no formal Email object in the API sobjects. Digging deeper, i found out that even though Salesforce hasn't provided a formal 'object', an Email is just a special task with-

  1. Subject: "Email: "
  2. Status: Completed
  3. All mail details like CC, BCC, Subject, Body summarized in the Description field.
  4. Sender is the OwnerId, Receiver is WhoId.

And of-course.. other such nuances.

My question is- Through the REST API, if i precisely imitate Salesforces' syntax and semantics and log emails as special tasks- will i be essentially logging emails? Is this all there is to Email logging in Salesforce or is there more to it?


You're correct, its just a Task completed in a particular way. (except for Email2Case which has a special EmailMessage object, which IIRC, isn't in the public API). The Task approach is what the Outlook integration and others (e.g. Maildrop) do.

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