Actually my vf page has links to another vf page. Whenever i navigate from one Vf Page to other Vf Page Using these links browser back button Doesn't work Properly. It goes Back to last selected lightning tabs.

I have searched for this Issue and Found out this Link.


Is there any workaround for this issue?

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I have found a workaround that whenever i am navigating in Visualforce, i am using following js method.

function redirectTo(url,retURL){

        if(typeof sforce !='undefined' && sforce.one) {
            var stateObj = { };
           var currentUrl = window.location.href;
            history.pushState(stateObj, null, currentUrl);
       else {
          window.location.href = url+'?retURL='+retURL;

Is there any other way to handle this problem.

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