Im getting the following error:

The configuration of your org has changed, please reload the page. Missing dependent object: Field: Opportunity.ContactId

This happens in the for loop declaration below:

private static void checkContactOpps(Contact contact)
    for (Opportunity opp : contact.Opportunities)


And this is how I query for the Contacts and the related Opps

//Retrieve the Accounts associated with the Contacts
    List<Contact> contactAcctIds = new List<Contact>(
        [SELECT AccountId,
                (SELECT Id,
                 FROM Opportunities)
         FROM Contact
         WHERE Id IN :contactIds

I tried searching online, but I couldn't find any relevant solution to the problem. I'm a System Admin too, so I don't think its a permissions issue.

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    FYI How to get Opportunities from Contacts that includes an unaccepted answer that says "This field is a bug and should not be used. It is technical debt that SFDC has not cleaned up yet." and has various other comments. – Keith C Jan 6 '17 at 23:03

@keithc should write the accepted answer, but to further elaborate when faced with issues like this:

If you look in Workbench, there is no child relationship from Contact to Opportunities: enter image description here

nor a lookup relationship from Opportunity to Contact:

enter image description here

So, if the object, field, or relationship is not visible to the metadata browser, it won't be available to your application.

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  • Thanks for the insight! That makes perfect sense since the Contact Role is the junction object between the two. – user2278489 Jan 12 '17 at 19:17

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