Is there anyway to populate the date or datetime a report is exported within a report...a field value that will be associated with every record in the report?

For instance could i use the a field formula or build a formula within the report that leverages Report API "LastRunDate" and have it populate every time i run a report and have that value appear associated with each record in the report?

I am not sure if this possible...looking for input about feasibility. Thank you!

  • why not have a custom formula field on the Object called Today__c with value = TODAY() and include that field in the report's columns?
    – cropredy
    Jan 4, 2017 at 20:32

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The only solution that comes to mind (unless using something like Conga Composer) would be to add to each of your objects subject to this reporting requirement a custom formula field called Today__c with value = TODAY(). Then include this field on your report output. If you don't like this column title, name the custom field Reporting Date

If you want date/time, use formula NOW()

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