I'm trying to get the DateTime field values formatted to example below which is the Developer Console Query editor output.



But when I used String.valueOf(datetimeToConvert) it gives a different format.


2017-01-04 06:00:00

Is there a way to get it as a formatted string? without forced formatting? Also I wonder why those right padding zeros, char 'T', etc. Appreciate any help on this conversion. Thanks.

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    Char 'T', 'Z' and padding zeros specifies the time zone in the date format – RCS Jan 2 '17 at 9:26

Use JSON to serialize:

Account a = [Select CreatedDate From Account LIMIT 1];

Or with string formatting:


02:28:12.31 (39198321)|USER_DEBUG|[2]|DEBUG|"2016-11-07T15:59:57.000Z"

02:28:12.31 (39316094)|USER_DEBUG|[3]|DEBUG|2016-11-07T10:59:57.000-05:00

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