I'm going to write a daily scheduled apex class. I have a couple of questions about the governor limit:


> Account acct = new Account(name='test account');
>         insert acct;
>         Contact[] contactsToCreate = new Contact[]{};
>         for(Integer x=0; x<1000;x++){
>             Contact ct = new Contact(AccountId=acct.Id,lastname='test');
>             contactsToCreate.add(ct);
>         }
>         insert contactsToCreate;

So i will have just 1DML for 1000 records (salesforce limit is 150 DML instructions) which is the size limit for a list(like contactsToCreate) for an insert () DML statement?

2)for (List<Account> accts : [select name from Account])

is there some limit about the number of record that i can manage with a for loop like the above?

Thanks in advantage for any advice. BR

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  1. The limit is 10,000

  2. The for loop batches the results, so you are really limited by the max return of the SOQL query which is 50,000

Hope this helps




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