The current list-views in LEX are in some respects less powerful than their predecessors in Aloha:

  • no more checkboxes and multi-edit
  • no more inline-edit for the Name-field
  • massive padding is causing less information displayed plus increased need of scrolling in y and x direction

enter image description here

At this point the only way to override the list views I found is by Visualforce. I just want to confirm, that I didn't miss anything. It this actually the only way:

enter image description here

Or is there any other option for an override by a Flexipage or Lightning Component yet existing or on the roadmap? Overriding by a Visualforce-page feels not the right way to do this in LEX...

Any hint would help me to plan ahead.

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As per the latest release notes of winter 17 there is a feature for multiselect but to take mass action you still need a visualforce button

enter image description here

Also some fields on opportunity and other objects are editable inline

enter image description here

The spring pre-release makes this feature GA

All the info provided is from the release notes and will have to wait from sfdc to comment on roadmap for specific lightning interface for the list views

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    On Account Listviews how were you able to get the checkboxes? I don't get those as you see in the screenshot above and the release notes don't tell me how to activate them.
    – Uwe Heim
    Dec 29, 2016 at 7:52

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