Seems that the SFMC creates the broadcasting list on contact basis instead of device basis. So if the user has several devices connected to him in the SFMC service then the filtering function opts all of the user's devices instead of opting only the devices that meet the filtering condition.


Imagine that MobilePush demographics data extension have some custom boolean attribute Switcher.

Imagine that some user has 2 devices with the same SFMC-charged app, let them be device A and device B.

The device A's app has custom attribute Switcher value set to True.

The device B's app has custom attribute Switcher value set to False. Both of devices are connected to the user in the SFMC system by setting the same subscriber key.

Imagine that the MobilePush service has filtering list SwitcherFilteringList which has the condition: Switcher equals True.

When I'm trying to send a push message using SwitcherFilteringList, the SFMC system takes the user's contact and sends the push notification to the device A and the device B. But it should send the push-notification to the device A only.

Does anybody have any idea how to resolve this issue?

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