Is there a way to Email a Scheduled Report (created using SQL) in Marketing Cloud Automation Studio?


Is this a complex amount of data, or is it something you could display in the body of an email?

I have several reports that go out daily to my team summarizing activity on our various recent sends (both triggered and ad hoc).

I have automations that run daily to produce the data (query, query, query, etc., ui) and then I have emails that just read from those DEs and present right in the email. No attachments necessary.


This can be hacked with the following steps:

  • Create a Data Extension with the Report Headers
  • Write a query and to extract the information and place in the the DE from Step 1.
  • Data Extract: Create A Data Extract Activity to extract the DE from Step 2 to a location on the SFMC FTP.
  • Combine Steps 1-3 in an automation via Automation Studio.

Important Considerations

  • Emphasis should be placed on the naming patterns in the data extract. Depending on the frequency at which the report is required, I would advise using file naming patterns that reflect this ( eg. %%DD%%%%MM%%YYYY%% %%HH% - for hourly reports)

  • The Reports (Extracted Data Extensions) will remain in the FTP for 30 days, after which they will be deleted. This is because the FTP is a temporary storage solution.

  • thanks @data_kid! i assume we can build the email functionality by writing a script to fetch the file from the FTP and send an email? – Kanav Khurana Dec 27 '16 at 14:52

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