I want to return all the opportunity contact roles for each opportunity where it's roles for an Opportunity, and I want to access a field in the contact role. my query looks ok, but I can't access the fields directly in Apex. Also, how do I access this in Visualforce?


        Opportunity opp = [SELECT id, Name, StageName,
    (select contact.name, contact.phone from OpportunityContactRoles where isPrimary = true  )  
    FROM Opportunity
    where id = '006e0000003V3NNAA0'];



Invalid foreign key relationship: Opportunity.OpportunityContactRoles


<apex:outputText value="{!opps.???????


The problem is in how you're accessing the Opportunity Contact Roles. Your query is returning this data as a list; you need to select a specific Opportunity Contact Role.

Try this:


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