I am trying to call content stored in a Content Block into an email in Content Builder, but am receiving the follwoing error:

The subscriber preview failed to generate. Review the details, correct all issues, and try again. An error occurred when attempting to evaluate an ContentArea function call. Function Call: ContentArea('435195') See inner exception for details. The specified content area client does not match the job client. ContentAreaID: 435195 Job ClientID: 1433232 Content ClientID: 1371193 Function Name: ContentArea Parameter Name: ContentID Parameter Ordinal: 1 Parameter Type: Numeric Submitted Value: 435195 ClientID: 1433232 JobID: 0 ListID: 0 BatchID: 0 SubcriberID: 0 Data Source Type: CustomObject Data Source ID: cee6f51b-02c6-e611-aa2c-78e3b50cb244

This code works just fine when calling content from Email Classic/ Classic Editor. What do I need to do differently to achieve the same outcome in Content Builer?

Here is the code I have currently:

<br><i>%%[VAR @Email, @FName, @LName, @Exp, @Points, @DOB, @Level
<br>SET @Email=Email
<br>SET @FName=FirstName
<br>SET @LName=LastName
<br>SET @Exp=LoyaltyExp
<br>SET @Points=LoyaltyPoints
<br>SET @Level=Level]%%<br>
<br> %%[IF NOT EMPTY (@Email) THEN]%%<br>
  • I can't read the text in that image. Can you edit your question to include the text of the error message, instead of an image? Commented Dec 19, 2016 at 17:25

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For content stored inside of ContentBuilder, you will need to use the 'new' AMPscript functions. Not sure on the details of why, but in building Content Builder / Email Studio, they completely removed the storage location from the previous Portfolio section. The bad thing about this is that a lot of options that previously worked, no longer work on Content Builder stuff.

To answer your question you will need to use either:

ContentBlockByID (%%=ContentBlockbyID("384201")=%%)


ContentBlockByKey (%%=ContentBlockbyKey("myContentBlock")=%%)

You should be able to find both of these easily inside the properties field of the content area.


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