I have a urgent requirement.

1 ) Please tell me ( possibly via steps ) how to open/ retrieve the actual attachments from the zip file which I got when I did the weekly data export . I mean which software should I use for opening the file, since some of them are pdf or jpg.

2 ) And I also the a name for identifying which record belongs to ? Thank you in Advance .Exported Attachments


I have did this long back using one of the solution provided by Josh Gruberman

I know this is old, but I found it looking for an answer and now that I've discovered the answer, here it is direct from Salesforce:

Once you have the ZIP files, look for the Attachment.csv and Attachments folder.

  1. Open the file "Attachment.csv" in Excel.

  2. Delete all columns except "ID" and "PathOnClient". Once all the other columns are deleted, "ID" should be in column A and "PathOnClient" should be in column B.

  3. Copy the formula on the following line and paste it into cell C2: ="RENAME "&A2&" """&B2&""""

  4. The resulting cell should look like this: RENAME 00P300000046RlaEAE "Technical Specifications V1_2.docx"

  5. Double-click the lower right corner of cell C2 to copy all the way down to column C.

  6. Select column C and copy it.

  7. Open Notepad.

  8. Paste the copied cells into Notepad.

  9. Click File then Save in Notepad, and save the file in your exported Attachment Folder as "Fix.bat" (without the quotation marks). This is where the records to be renamed are located.

NOTE: Large exports are broken up into multiple .zip files (each .zip file created will hold up to approximately 512 MB). Copy the "Fix.bat" file in the Attachment folder in each of the .zip files.

  1. Navigate to your exported Attachment directory and double-click "Fix.bat". It should rename all the Files appropriately.

  2. If there are files that are not converted, it means that the files have the same file name inside the folder. To convert the remaining unconverted files, create a new folder and copy the unconverted files and the fix.bat file to that new folder. Double click the fix.bat file again. Repeat the process on all Attachment folders until all files are converted.

  3. Close "Attachment.csv" in Excel without saving any changes.

  • Hi Vineeth, PathOnClient". coloumn is not present in the attachment.csv ? Is this some bug ? – sfjoe Dec 19 '16 at 10:50
  • No that should be fine, it depends on tool you are using. tinyurl.com/FileExporterBlog – Vineeth Dec 19 '16 at 11:08

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