I am trying to increment a field on a parent object Deal__c with every child object Deliverable__c created. My debug shows an id for theDeal but the theDeal.DeliverablesIncrementer__c+=1; is getting an "attempt to reference a null object" error I also want to use the same incremented number on the deliverable itself.

trigger DeliverableDealIncrementer on Deliverable__c (after insert) {

    for (Deliverable__c DD : system.trigger.new){
        Deal__c theDeal = [select id,   DeliverablesIncrementer__c from Deal__c where id=: DD.deal__c];

        DD.Deal_Deliverable_Decimal_del__c +=1;


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The problem is that DeliverablesIncrementer__c on the record itself is null, that's why `


shows you only Id. You need to modify your code to check if DeliverablesIncrementer__c is null and if so, just assign it to 1:

theDeal.DeliverablesIncrementer__c = (theDeal.DeliverablesIncrementer__c == null) ? 1 : theDeal.DeliverablesIncrementer__c + 1;
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  • Thank you. I added a line to fix the field on the deliverable__c as well. Was not familiar with this notation. I wonder though - is this trigger configured for bulk input, and can it be with the incrementer? – jaw999 Dec 16 '16 at 13:41
  • The trigger in the original post is not configured for bulk, since you're performing a DML and a SOQL operation for each record, it'll be out of limits if you'll try to insert more than 100 records. – EvAzi Dec 16 '16 at 19:10

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