I have a custom Community Builder page that is a custom "Standard Detail" page called "TransactionDetail" (i.e. a detail, list, and related list page were each created). I have a component I added to the page that takes a recordId in the design file, which I set to {!recordId} in the community builder.

When I try to navigate to this page, and pass an Id, the page shows Invalid Page and does not load anything. When I remove the parameter, and just navigate to /s/transactiondetail, the header for the page shows up as expected.

Here's what I'm using to navigate to the page (the URL ends up looking exactly how I want it to):

    var navEvt = $A.get("e.force:navigateToURL");
        "url" : "/transactiondetail/"+srcId,
        "isredirect" :false

The URL I end up navigating to looks like "/s/transactiondetail/[recordid]" just as I would expect, however it just shows Invalid Page. I commented out all of the custom code and just have "test" displaying in the component itself, so there's no code causing an error in the component itself.

I also tried creating a non-standard custom community page and adding the component, it gives the same result. Any help would be appreciated.

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Disregard, I found that it was profile access issues. When accessing a detail page override, the logged in user's profile is checked before attempting to load any data or elements into the view.

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