We have the Marketing Cloud Connect set-up between Marketing Cloud and Salesforce. I have mapped the Preference fields between Marketing Cloud and Salesforce.

I created a custom Profile Center that updates the Subscriber Status and Preference field values in Marketing Cloud. (http://help.marketingcloud.com/en/documentation/integrated_products__crm_and_web_analytic_solutions/marketing_cloud_connector_v5/key_concepts/profile_center/)

  1. If I use the custom Profile Center page and Unsubscribe the Subscriber, that unsubscribe gets synchronized in Salesforce.
  2. If I then use the custom Profile Center to resubscribe (set Status to Active), the Subscriber Status gets updated, but that updated Status does not get synchronized in Salesforce. The Contact stays Unsubscribed.
  3. If I update the Preference Center fields using the custom Profile Center the values get updated in Marketing Cloud, but they are not synchronized in Salesforce.

Basically the only value that is getting synchronized is an Unsubscribe. Setting the Status to Active and updating Preference Center values do not get synchronized.

This is possible correct? Is there any nuance to ensuring all these values stay synchronized?

  • How are you accessing the Profile Center? Are accessing the site via the profile center link in the footer of your email. Note: this link will differ between a Salesforce Send and a SFMC Send. – David Devoy Jan 16 '17 at 21:49

Try using the UpdateSalesforceObject Ampscript function in your logic to automate this. The Salesforce field is PersonHasOptedOutOfEmail


According to SFMC Support this is functioning as designed.

You are correct that Email Opt Out gets populated in Salesforce when a subscriber unsubscribes in the Profile Center. However, it does not uncheck Email Opt Out if they resubscribe through the Profile Center. This is functioning as designed. You will need to uncheck Email Opt Out in Salesforce manually. 

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