My ultimate goal is to publish Knowledge Articles via API. I'm not exactly sure where to send the POST request, though. I tried:


But I just get the reply:

  "article_response": [
      "errorCode": "NOT_FOUND",
      "message": "The requested resource does not exist"

Where can I send the data so that it is actually inserted? Is my goal of posting articles via API even possible?

Edit: Adrian Larson solved it, it's __kav, two underscores.

  • Shouldn't it be two underscores? So Knowledge__kav instead of Knowledge_kav. – Adrian Larson Dec 14 '16 at 18:19
  • You know what, it is. Thanks! Someone at Salesforce should fix the documentation here, the second yellow block has it with one underscore. – hgentry Dec 14 '16 at 18:22

Note that the proper suffix contains two underscore characters (_) where you have one. Change Knowledge_kav to Knowledge__kav and you should be all set.

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