In the pre-community-templates era, we could expose a Flow to external users using the <flow:interview> component in a Visualforce page.


The Community Builder does not let you add Visualforce pages directly, so I tried to add the Visualforce page, containing the <flow:interview> component, to a Lightning Component as an iframe (bad idea?).

It kind of works with a very simple Flow, but soon I hit the "Maximum view state size limit (135KB) exceeded" error for the Visualforce page.

Any ideas on how to successfully expose a Flow in a Community using the Napili template (preferably using the Lightning Runtime for Flows)?

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This is a little late, but you can do it by creating a tab that launches an external URL and put in the URL for the flow in there. It'll open the flow in a new tab. And as long as you have the lightning skin enabled, it'll be the pretty version.

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