I'm trying to create an approval process using a pool of users as approvers, but I don't know the full mechanics of Queues.

When a document is submitted to a queue for an approval, does that document get put into a shared pool, where any of the queue users can approve the document, or does the document get assigned to a single approver among that queue that has sole responsibility to approve said document?

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Per this source:

When the assigned approver is a queue :

  • Any queue member can approve or reject an approval request that is assigned to the queue.
  • Approval request emails are sent to the queue email address. If the queue is set up to send email to members, then approval request emails are also sent to the queue members, except those whose approval user preferences are set to never receive approval request emails.
  • When an approval request is assigned to a queue, each queue member’s delegated approver also receives an approval request email notification.
  • Because email notifications to a queue aren’t intended for an external audience, any instances of the merge field {!ApprovalRequest.External_URL} in the email template are sent as the equivalent internal URL.
  • Salesforce1 notifications for approval requests aren’t sent to queues. For each approval step involving a queue, we recommend adding individual users as assigned approvers, so at least those individuals can receive the approval request notifications in Salesforce1. To have both queues and individual users as assigned approvers, select Automatically assign to approver(s) instead of Automatically assign to queue in the approval step.
  • When an approval request is rejected and returned to the previous approver and the previous approver was a queue, the approval request is assigned to the user who approved it instead of the queue.
  • The Approval History related list displays the queue name in the Assigned To column and the actual user who approved or rejected the approval request in the Actual Approver column.

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