I am trying to display an icon in a lightning component using LDS. I setup the svg helper, component, and renderer as per the LDS docs here. I also have a static resource stored in SalesForce. I am trying to reference it like this:

<c:svgIcon svgPath="/resource/sldsRight.png" category="standard" size="small" />

However, the icon does not appear. Is my path wrong, or do I have the wrong file type?

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for icons I would recommend using standard salesforce provided components instead:

<lightning:icon iconName="utility:right"/>


linked to the icons in that doc -



The svgIcon component is meant for SVG files, not JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP resources. In Lightning, you still normally use <img> tags to display images. Please note that the resource name is incorrect; you normally just refer to it by its defined name, such as /resource/sldsRight. If you're using the icon zip file, you'd then refer the full path and extension, such as /resource/sldsicons/utility/right_60.png instead.

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