I'm using eclipse with my Salesforce developer edition. And I can no longer save my component to the server because I have a test.js file in my component folder.

If I try to delete it I get the fatal error message:

A fatal error occurred while performing the refactoring: Force.com IDE does not support deleting resource

How do I get rid of the test.js file that blocks me from saving to server?


OK I found out how to delete it!

I had to disable sever communication (Work Offline from the Force.com's contextual Project Explorer menu) in order to be able to delete the test.js file.

  • Nice finding. I was also facing the issue. – Kamruzzaman Apr 6 '18 at 8:54

is test.js included in your package.xml file? If not it won't get deployed/saved to the server. If it is, you can manually remove it from package.xml, and just delete (or not) the local copy.

  • No it's not in the package.xml and still unable to delete it! – Hugues Lavoie Dec 12 '16 at 17:43

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