I have one object Lead Support.In lead Support i have one Field QueueLabel__C.

And I created one Custom Metadata with Name Queue_metadata and in that i have one field Queue_Label_c

Requirement:when I am going to enter a record in Lead_Support Object it needs to check Quueulabel with same name is available in Metadata Object(Queues_Label__mdt) or not and if not then Error.

I am not able to make it bulkify.Please suggest

trigger CheckQueue on Lead_Routing__c (before insert,before update){
    list<String>Queulabel=new list<string>();
    for(Lead_Routing__c lc:trigger.new){
    list<Queues_Label__mdt> listq=new list<Queues_Label__mdt>([select   Queue_Spec_Label__c FROM Queues_Label__mdt]);
    for(Lead_Routing__c lc:trigger.new){                  
        for(Queues_Label__mdt ss:listq){                  
           integer count=0; 
            System.debug('Inside next for count'+count);
                 System.debug('Inside If list count'+count);
                     System.debug('Inseide If count'+count);

                    lc.adderror('Queue Label is Wrong');


This is one of those rare cases where salesforce allows a query inside a loop, because queries to custom metadata types are free, so you should take advantage of that behavior.

for(Lead_Routing__c record: Trigger.new) {
    if([SELECT COUNT() 
        FROM Queues_Label__mdt
        WHERE Queue_Spec_Label__c = :record.Queue_Name__c] == 0) {
        record.Queue_Name__c.addError("Value does not exist.");

If you need to do something else with the metadata, you may want to query it into a variable instead, but since such queries are basically free, it probably doesn't matter for most trivial cases.


Even if you can query in the loop without hitting the limit (as it custom metadata), you can and should avoid it.

First query the metadata label into set

Set<String> mdLabelsSet = new Set<String>();

for(Queues_Label_mdt mdRecord : [select Queue_Spec_Label__c FROM Queues_Label__mdt])

Loop over the trigger record and check it the value exists in the set

for(Lead_Routing__c leadRouting : trigger.new){
    if(! mdLabelsSet.contains(leadRoutng.Queue_Name__c)){
        leadRouting.adderror('Queue Label is Wrong');

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