Our TSO was approved with a previous version of our template. Now we have updated our template and want our webform to be associated with the new template instead of the first template. I have already created new templates and created a new trial but the trial created is off of old template. I quickly skimmed through the webform html and did not see anywhere where the template id was specified. How can I make sure the new trials are created using the new template?


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You'll need to log a case. The following paragraph was part of instructions from SF when I first received the web form:

"4. If you want to make changes to your trial experience, please make the edits in your source org, create a new template, and log another case so support can update your formname with the latest template. Please provide your formname, template ID, and source org ID in the case description."

Another option is to create a new trial from Environment Hub. It allows you to specify what template you want to use to spin off trials

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