I'm building a Lightning component that loads data in from a record, and shows a outputRichText control. When user clicks Edit, I want to hide the outputRichText and replace it with inputRichText.

The Lightning Data Service preview (<force:recordPreview>) is loading the record data.

The <aura:if> on line xx causes a Maximum call stack size exceeded error when clicking the Edit button. It works correctly if I do not use the LDS <force:recordPreview> but instead load the content via an Apex controller or pass it in via an attribute.

Any tips?

Lightning Component:

<aura:attribute name="passage" type="ProposalPassage__c"/>
<aura:attribute name="index" type="Integer"/>
<aura:attribute name="passageId" type="String"/>
<aura:attribute name="record" type="Object"/>
<aura:attribute name="recordError" type="String"/>
<aura:attribute name="edit" type="Boolean" default="false"/>

    <b><u>{!v.record.Name}</u> [{!v.passageId}]</b>

<force:recordPreview aura:id="recordLoader"

<!-- Display Lightning Data Service errors, if any -->
<aura:if isTrue="{!not(empty(v.recordError))}">
    <div class="recordError">
        <ui:message title="Error" severity="error" closable="true">

<aura:if isTrue="{!not(v.edit)}">
    <ui:outputRichText aura:id="outputRT" value="{!v.record.Content__c}"/>
    <ui:button aura:id="editButton" press="{!c.editPassage}" label="Edit"/>
    <aura:set attribute="else">
      <ui:inputRichText aura:id="inputRT" value="{!v.record.Content__c}"/>
      <ui:button aura:id="saveButton" press="{!c.savePassage}" label="Save"/>

Error thrown on clicking Edit button:

Uncaught rerender threw an error in 'markup://c:PassageEditor' [rerender threw an error in 'markup://aura:if' [Action failed: ui$inputTextArea$controller$valueChange [Maximum call stack size 

throws at https://[instance].lightning.force.com/auraFW/javascript/OL4p-

    at new <anonymous> (https://[instance].lightning.force.com/auraFW/javascript/OL4pdZcNLX81ew5xztHyw/aura_proddebug.js:4042:23)

    at https://[instance].lightning.force.com/auraFW/javascript/OL4p-dZcNLX81ew5xztHyw/aura_proddebug.js:1:1
  • Not sure if this is what's causing it, but if you're going to change the record, you need to pass mode="EDIT" to the force:recordPreview, or else it will throw when you try to save. (developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.lightning.meta/…). There might also be errors on load you're not seeing because you need to set targetError="{!v.recordError}" in the force:recordPreview. Commented Dec 13, 2016 at 18:54

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I've brought this to the attention of the owners of force:recordPreview in Salesforce R&D - do you have a support case open on this I could reference?

  • 1
    I don't have an open support case, but I can create one if it would help. Commented Dec 12, 2016 at 20:28
  • Yes please - cases provide the feedback loop with all of the organizations involved including you. Commented Dec 13, 2016 at 11:35

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