In admin account I can see the custom tabs but after login in with different role account I cannot see that custom tab.

Have already made changes in the communities that is managing the communities and in administration add tabs and also added that profile who can use my community but still I am not able see the custom tab in different user such as given below the pics of my problem.

Admin Tab

Already added the tab my communities


Assuming that you have already checked all the tab's related permissions, there are still a few things that might be getting you this trouble:

  • Check for profile permissions on the tab's object (and not the tab itself), even if the user can access the tab, it won't see it if he has no permission to access the related object.
  • If it's a visualforce tab, be sure that the user profile have access to the tab's Visualforce Page AND any custom Apex class that might be called in it (especially custom extensions)
  • Make sure that the visibility of the tab is set to Default On, otherwise you won't see it in the navigation bar (but you can still access it by clicking on the small "+" besides the tab list)

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