Using the salesforce REST API, how can i log an email against a contact in salesforce?

  • i can query and create Contacts using the API. i built-over this recipe. i am now looking at 'getting' an email object and logging a contact against it. – erbdex Aug 8 '13 at 14:28

Based on Accessing Email over the REST API you can't currently access the EmailMessage object via the REST API. Confirmed again in v28.0 of the API:

Salesforce REST API v28.0 does not have access to EmailMessage

It sounds like your options are to either use the Partner/Enterprise API's or see if you can get by with searching for Tasks where the Subject starts with "Email: ".

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  • i came across this. The Email object is within 0the Task object. But i still cannot figure out how to go about accessing it or even logging it against a Contact/Lead/Account. – erbdex Aug 12 '13 at 4:40

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