Does anybody know who publishes force.com related jars under groupId com.force.api on mvnrepository.com?

Are these safe to use?

artefact under com.force.api GroupId

Bonus question - why there is no force-tooling-api artefact ? I understand that v38 WSDL of tooling api is broken, but does anyone know why there are no previous (good) versions available there?


I suspect they are originating from the WSC - Force.com Web Service Connector (formerly https://github.com/forcedotcom/wsc). I'm basing this off com.force.api : force-partner-api : 38.0.0 and Issue com.force.api:force-partner-api: wrong default auth endpoint since 34.0.0

Additionally, files like force-metadata-api-38.0.0.pom also reference back to https://github.com/forcedotcom/java-sdk.

The Salesforce WSC consumes the various SOAP APIs and generates the required Java integration code.

From sfdc-wsc-maven:

Fork from sfdc-wsc v22.0 which project structure has been converted to a Maven one.

Do not confuse with the other Maven port force-wsc which is also a fork from sfdc-wsc v22.0 and which source repository is located on GitHub.

So I think the mvnrepository you are references in a question is the "other Maven port" referenced above.

  • Hello Daniel. Thank you for your research. The issue you linked does indeed hints that one of WSC collaborators (gnguyen-sfdc) may be responsible for jar files uploaded on mvnrepository.com. – gaiser Dec 15 '16 at 8:32

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