I have operator and value as string. When my operator equal to '>' or '<' then i need to ensure the value of the string is numeric or Decimal so it can wrk for both. But i see only isNumeric() ? Any idea

String operator = '<';
String value = '3.14';
if(operator.equals('<') && operator.isNumeric() || //Check operator isDecimal)
  //Process criteria

I am thinking in such a way below


    Double value = Decimal.valueOf('1234a');
catch(exception ex)
    system.debug('Not a number');
    //process further

But didn't feel ts opt. Suggest me!


Finally end up with the regex as below,

public Boolean isValidIntegerOrDecimal(String value) {
    String amtRegEx = '\\d+(\\.\\d+)?';
    Pattern MyPattern = Pattern.compile(amtRegEx);
    Matcher MyMatcher = MyPattern.matcher(value);
    Boolean flag = MyMatcher.matches();
    return flag; 


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