I have the below formula field , in Quote object, which is a reference from another object " RedBook"

enter image description here

But i want that, while cloning the quote, the field value remains teh same i.2 here 30 / 26 even if the original value from the referred object changed to some other value. I tried workflow & process builder, but not able to accomplish it. whereas first time while creation it should trigger the formula reference value, but while cloning it should remains the same. Can i change my formula field to accomplish this. As of now my formula field is, below i.e exactly the same reference value from the other object.

enter image description here


You'll need to

  1. Change the field type from Formula to Text
  2. Add a field checkbox isClone (default value false) on the Quote object
  3. Create/Update a trigger on Quote, (in before update/create) check if you're in the clone function (see the response here). If yes, copy the value Model_Description__r.Premium_Group__c to your new Text Field and put the checkbox isClone to True
  4. Create a process (in process builder) on Model_Description__c. When the object is updated on the field Premium_Group__c, update the related Quote(s) with the new value for Premium_Group__c (except the cloned ones, check on isClone)

Why the trigger ? To ensure that you keep the old value of the original object.

Why the process ? So that you mimic the formula function on your original objects, but not on your clones


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