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I want to show the reuslt with the percentage, what should I do?


You can create your own formats using the XMD (Extended Meta Data) file. To access the XMD file, edit the corresponding dataset. You can download the existing XMD file from the Edit page. Here is a link to the reference guide: https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.bi_dev_guide_xmd.meta/bi_dev_guide_xmd/bi_xmd_intro.htm

Also here is a quick example of what the percent format would look like in the XMD file.

"values_query_columns": [],
"hide_measures": ["Percentage"],
"types": {},
"formats": {
    "measures": {
        "Percentage": ["##.##%", "1"]
"organizations": [],
"hide_dimensions": [],
"colors": {},
"labels": {
    "measures": {
        "Percentage": "Percentage"
    "keys": {},
    "dimensions": {
        "Dimension_Field_Name": "Dimension_Field_Name"
"dimensions": [{
    "recordDisplayFields": [],
    "linkTemplateEnabled": true,
    "field": "Dimension_Field_Name",
    "sfdcActionsEnabled": true,
    "sfdcActions": []


  • go to Data Manager
  • edit your Dataset
  • download the datasetname.xmd.json file
  • edit the measures in the datasetname.xmd.json file
  • upload (replace) the datasetname.xmd.json file
"measures": [
    "description" : "AgeDescriptionHere",
    "field" : "AgeFieldHere",
    "format" : {
      "customFormat": "[\"###0\",1]"
    "label" : "AgeLabelHere",
    "showInExplorer" : true

You can change it on the widget sidebar on the Rating part. Choosing Show value as -> Percentage:

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this will display your number as a percentage:


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