I tried changing the master-detail to look up relationship.. there was no option, when I checked on internet it says only developer edition you can do it, enterprise edition it's not allowed.

Actually This is needed remove the old unused field on a custom object. Since this seems not possible, I'm going to have a dummy record and keep the id of dummy record in a Config setting, and use it while creating new records of custom object.

Anyone has experience with this scenario? Appreciate any suggestion for a better way of doing this.Thanks.

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Never heard about edition affecting on changing master-detail to lookup. If you googled and checked this link, below's written that choosen answer's wrong and it's possible to change master-detail relationship to lookup.

Usually the only thing that prevents on changing master-detail to lookup is the rollup summaries that are exist on master-side object.

Check for roll-up summaries on master-side object. Also this answer will explicitly answer you question.


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