I am using Appyphony Lightning JS to create lookup relationship field for me. Everything else was working pretty well. But the slds icons are not displaying well. I am constantly getting the below error in chrome's developer tool:

Unsafe attempt to load URL https://ap2.salesforce.com/assets/icons/standard-sprite/svg/symbols.svg#account from frame with URL https://v6.ap2.visual.force.com/apex/Auto_Subscription_Edit?retURL=%2Fa08%2Fo&save_new=1&sfdc.override=1. Domains, protocols and ports must match.

And the lookup relationship field now looks like this:

enter image description here

I have added the initialization code as below:

        var assetsLocation = "{!URLFOR($Resource.Slds213, 'assets')}";
            assetsLocation: '',
            scoped: true

Is there anything else I am missing here?


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In appyphony, the assetsLocation is meant to specify the location of the resource, not the actual assets directory itself.

So change the line into:

var assetsLocation = "{!URLFOR($Resource.Slds213)}";

And hopefully it will work.


"Appyphony Lightning JS" was working for old SLDS bundles because Icons were exist in the 'Assets' folder but now icons are exist directly in 'icons' folder.

There is a mistake in Appyphony js files. Please follow these steps:

  1. Open 'jquery.aljs-all-with-moment.min.js' file and search for 'svg#account' or any icon you want to show in your plugin.

  2. Replace this URL '/assets/icons/standard-sprite/svg/symbols.svg#account' with '/icons/standard-sprite/svg/symbols.svg#account'.

  3. Save file 'jquery.aljs-all-with-moment.min.js'.

  4. Now initialize assetlocation just like below if you are using "apex:slds" in your VF Page:

        assetsLocation: '/_slds',
        scoped: true

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