I have Map A which is a subset of Map B. Now I want to remove those elements of Map A from Map B. Is that possible to be done?

  • Please, give us wider example, probably with code providing. – EvAzi Dec 2 '16 at 11:13

You can use the remove() method:

Map <String, String> mapOne = new Map <String, String>();
mapOne.put('key1', 'value1');
mapOne.put('key2', 'value2');
mapOne.put('key3', 'value3');
mapOne.put('key4', 'value4');

Map <String, String> mapTwo = new Map <String, String>();
mapTwo.put('key1', 'value1');
mapTwo.put('key2', 'value2');

for (String key : mapTwo.keySet())

Now mapOne will only contain key3=>value3 and key4=>value4. This example is if the keys of the maps match.

If you want to remove elements from one map based on values from another, then instead of keySet() just use values().


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