Can someone please help me to convert String array values to Set of string? I have below code where it says Set is not getting populated from string array.

 Criteria=[SELECT Franchise__c FROM Sample_Order_Campaign__c WHERE Name =:selCampaignName];
          Splitarray= Splitarray+';;'+Criteria[i].Franchises__c;
           else {Splitarray=Criteria[i].Franchises__c;}   
          Splitarray=Splitarray.replaceAll(';;', ',');
          string[] splits= Splitarray.split(',');
          Splitlist.addall(splits); // Attempt to dereference null object error throws

From what I could tell is you want to end up with a unique list of Franchise__c strings from the queried records, if so....

You code could be reduced to this:

Set<String> SplitList = New Set<String>();

for(Sample_Order_Campaign__c so : [SELECT Franchise__c FROM Sample_Order_Campaign__c WHERE Name =:selCampaignName]){
    IF(!string.isBlank(so.Franchise__c)) SplitList.addAll(so.Franchise__c.split(';;'));    


The reason why you were getting a DNO was because you never initialized you SplitList

  • But I my Franschise__c value is like 'A;;B;;C'. I need to split it and then put into the Set. – Testing_SFDC Dec 2 '16 at 8:56
  • @SFDC_Learner - pretty easy to add that. See updated answer – Eric Dec 2 '16 at 8:58

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