Salesforce Opportunities has the possibility to record competitor data for an opportunity. On an opportunity this is represented as a related list which allows you to select a competitor and then type the strengths and weaknesses of this competitor. I would like to extract this data now, but have no idea how, because it does not seem to be an object.

Any ideas? Tia, Lily.


After looking at this through the workbench, this is indeed an sObject, and it's called OpportunityCompetitor.

If you're using the Salesforce-provided Apex Data Loader, you'll need to check "Show All Salesforce Objects" to have OpportunityCompetitor appear in the list of objects.

If you want to simply find all competitors related to a given Opportunity, you can use a parent-child subquery (aka. Left Outer Join). The relationship name is OpportunityCompetitors

[SELECT Id, (SELECT Id FROM OpportunityCompetitors) FROM Opportunity]

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