In Account object, i have a picklist field " Account status" with values as active, blacklisted.

by default, while creation its active, I want that if the value is changed to blacklisted, It shouldn't allow to create a new opportunity in the related list, and give a message that " account is blacklisted". Also, on the existing opportunity, when one entered, it shouldnt allow to edit the opp, and give teh same above message.

Can anyone plz suggest a good way to do this. I tried to use the process builder ( auto approval process), and approval process, while the value is changing , its locking the existing opp. But the drawback on my process is that,

  1. Its keep allowing to create a new opp, and then unlocking it, which i dont want. from beginning it shouldn't allow and give the error message.

  2. for the existing opp, its allowing to edit first time before unlocking it.

  3. No error message i able to set anywhere.

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    Thanks Tushar for the edit, I have put in the above format actually but dont know after saving it went back the earlier format with everything in a line.
    – sourav
    Dec 1, 2016 at 11:13

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You can use validation rule to prevent new Opportunity and Edit as well. So create a Validation rule on Opportunity

 Account.Type == 'blacklisted'

So if Account Type is blacklisted then it will give you error and do not alow you to create or Edit.

  • Thannks Tushar. It worked
    – sourav
    Dec 2, 2016 at 3:25

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