I want to create visualforce component similar to say pageblocktable. If you see the behaviour of pageblocktable it can only be included inside a pageblock. similarly columns can be included inside pageblocktable/datatable.

I want to replicate the same in my custom visualforce component such that component B can only be included inside component A.(both A and be are custom visualforce component)


I would use <apex:attribute name="myValue"> and assign it to a boolean variable inside of component a and than use that to determine if it's coming from component b to determine if the parent is correct.

  • well this do the work but while developing(using the component in the page) I have to manually set the value for this attribute. Any other work around?
    – Avidev9
    Sep 19 '12 at 15:59

If component B is always required within component A... why not build your B component within A component. Pass in "null" for attributes if you want component A without a component B.

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