Hi I have developed a report that will show total number of Email cases that has come in for today. I also have a Workflow that will update the First response time when the Agent accepts the case. i have also have a Formula field that will calculate the Business hour between the case opened Date/Time and First Response Date/Time.

Now I have a question on how to calculate the Average email cases that was first responded within 1 business day.


As you have created a formula field for the Business hour between the case opened and First Response Date/Time.

You can create a Report and Create a Bucket Field of Business Days where you can set Range of Values, say like Responded in 1Day, Responded in 2days ... etc.

Am not sure whether you can achieve the Average of Responded in 1 Business Day in a Report, But you can add a Chart to your Report to show the AVG of the Summarized Report Results.

Below is a Test Report where Opportunities are Summarized Using Amount Field which is Bukcketed as Ranged values.

enter image description here

And have added a Pie chart which will show Average of those Ranges accordingly enter image description here

You can place your chart Above / Below your report. This way your result can be achieved using Reports.

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