I need to insert the picklist values from one picklist field to Other.Is there any way to extract/export all the picklist values and import it into other one.

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You can write a script to run anonymously in workbench if its just the 1 time activity. And it will reduce manual work and errors

 List<Account> accUpdateList = new List<Account>();
 for(Account obj: [Select Field1__c, Field2__c from Account Where Field1__c != NULL] ) {
     obj.Field2__c = obj.Field1__c;

 if(accUpdateList.size() > 0){
     update accUpdateList;

If the records are more then you can go for a batch class if needed.


Using Force.com IDE you can do that. Just copy and paste the values values from one Picklist to the Other in the <object name>.object file and save it.

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