Two fields are available in account object

I have the Picklist datatype Value in one field called custom__c

Picklist Values are:

atom, molecule, organic, inorganic

I have created the another formula field called custom1__c with return type as text

if i create the record in the object

if i choose the value atom in custom__c field another field called custom1__c it should populate the small value in that field

like wise

if i choose

atom- small, molecule - big, organic - material, inorganic - nonmaterial

should automatically populate in the custom1__c field, can you guide me the answer what is the formula i have to write when creating the field called as custom1__c as formula for populating the values

  • In your custom1 formula text field, you can use CASE function on the custom picklist field and return the corresponding values Commented Nov 22, 2016 at 11:17

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Using the below formula in the custom formula field custom1__c

"atom", "small", 
"molecule", "big", 
"organic", "material", 
"inorganic", "nonmaterial",
  • To add to this answer, you normally need to use TEXT() or ISPICKVAL() to work with a picklist field. However, the CASE() formula function is special, and you can use a picklist field directly if it's the first argument (as it is in this case).
    – Derek F
    Commented Nov 22, 2016 at 16:01

You can write your formula something like

if(Text(custom__c) == 'atom', 'small', if(Text(custom__c) == 'molecule', 'big',if(...)))

But just FYI formula have 5000 characters limits. So for small values it will works for large value you can create a text field and populate that using trigger.

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