I would like to know if one of this method can answer all my needs : User-initiated emails, salesforce sends or triggered sends ?

  • I would like to send an email from Marketing Cloud to a list of users identified in a report in SFDC.
    • We have a list of users displayed in a report in SFDC also that should not receive the email
    • Tracking in SFDC through Individual Email Send should be possible
    • Opt in / out to some of the publications (individualy, not only global opt out) shoud be possible
    • Should work with automation studio

Not sure if I understand your question correctly but I can give you an overview what each will do.

User Initiated Send is a method where you can specify and targeted specific components such as email, audience,suppressions, etc. You are able to schedule sends with those on demand or you could trigger them via API which I think is more in line with your ask.

A Triggered Send is listening for an action most like done via an API call to initiate the send.

Salesforce Sends are designated if you have Salesforce integrated to use within Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget)

However, the way you would set up these mailings would be determined how your platform is set up.

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  • Thanks @dmcs14db for your answer. We have Salesforce integrated to MC thanks to the connector. However, I am not sure that we can manage opt in/out at a publication list level with Salesforce Send. It looks like it's only global opt in/out at "All subscribers" level that is handled. Is it correct ? Concerning User Initiated Method, can you track back data in Salesforce with this method ? Our sends are scheduled on a daily basis every day at 12h00. – Chloe G. Nov 22 '16 at 9:26

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