Can we update Account Name Label on the Contract Standard Object?


Follow following steps:

  1. From setup, Navigate to App Setup -> Customize -> Tab Names and Labels -> Rename Tabs and Labels.

  2. Click on edit on Account in Standard Tabs, and go to Step 2. Enter the new field labels.

  3. From there you can override label for Account Name.

Adding screenshot: enter image description here

Note: This would be change the label for Account Name in all the Lookup fields.

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The field Account Name derives it's name from the Account object itself. So in order to change the field name, you'd have to change the name of the object.

To do this, go to:

Setup > Tab Names and Labels > Rename Tabs and Labels

Then by Tab Name "Accounts", click "Edit" and enter the singular and plural name.

This will then reflect in the Account field name in the Contract object.

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