In lightning, is it possible to call an Apex function just after a window.location.href ?

For example I have a function that save a pdf from a visualforce page into attachment, and in the lightning component, when I click a button, I want that the pdf (visualforce page with renderAs="pdf") is displayed and just after I want that the function saving the pdf to be called

window.location.href = "my location";
var action = component.get("c.attachPdf");

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A browser, once instructed to go to a different page, automatically closes all of its open connections to the server and begins the process of removing all elements from memory. In other words, once you "leave" a page, there's absolutely nothing more that you can do script-wise, including calling to a server, saving page state into local storage, or anything else. Instead, call the Apex function first, and in the callback, perform your redirect.


Window.location.href completely gets you in a new context and window and hence you cannot do this .

When you move away from the component to a new browser window everything is destroyed .

All you can do at that point is to pass some URL parameters and take some actions based on that

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