I created a custom field in my price book, Tier_1_Limit__c, which is a Number(10,0) field. I'm working with an extension to the Quote's standard controller and I simply want to compare the quantity value of a quote line item to the custom Tier 1 limit number field. The Pricebook Entry field definition, Apex code, and corresponding compile error are shown below.

Field Definition

enter image description here

Relevant Apex Code

        QuoteLineItem[] items = [
            from QuoteLineItem 
            where quote.id = :quote.id order by Product2.name, ListPrice, Quantity];

        for(QuoteLineItem item : items){

            if (item.quantity <= PricebookEntry.Tier_1_Limit__c) {
                // do something here

Error Message

Compile Error: Comparison arguments must be compatible types: Decimal, Schema.SObjectField

What am I doing wrong here? Please help if you can, thanks in advance.


You're treating PricebookEntry as a variable, but since it's a standard object name, it's a reserved string. Change your code to this:

for(QuoteLineItem item : items){

    if (item.quantity <= item.PricebookEntry.Tier_1_Limit__c) {
        // do something here

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