I am iterating a list of task and converting its fields in string, all fields are converted into string except activitydate. It is showing strange behaviour, out of 10 tasks only 3 tasks are coming in table because there is some issue with activitydate.

for(task tsk : tasksToUpdate)
    string subject = '<a href=\''+System.URL.getSalesforceBaseURL().toExternalForm()+'/'+tsk.id+'\'  target=\'_blank\' title=\''+tsk.subject+'\'>' + tsk.subject + '</a>';
    string relatedTo = taskEventDetails.get(tsk.id);
    string checkVal='';
    checkVal = '<img src=\'/img/checkbox_checked.gif\' alt=\'Checked\' width=\'21\' height=\'16\' class=\'checkImg\' title=\'Checked\'>';
    string ownerName = tsk.owner.Name;
    string tempActDate = string.valueOf(tsk.ActivityDate.format());
    system.debug('tempActDate==='+tempActDate );
    string actDate = (tempActDate!=null && tempActDate != '')?tempActDate:'';
    String tempLstModified = string.valueOf(tsk.LastModifiedDate.format());
    string lstModified = tempLstModified;
    stringArrAW.add('["'+subject+'","'+relatedTo+'","'+checkVal+'","'+actDate+'","'+ownerName +'","'+lstModified +'"]');

I'd expect this code to crash, because ActivityDate can be null, which means that tsk.ActivityDate.format() should throw a NullPointerException. I can demonstrate this through the following code:

Task t = [select ActivityDate from Task where ActivityDate = null limit 1];

You do end up eventually checking for a null value, but it's already too late; the code would have thrown its exception before then. Instead, you should do something like this:

String tempActDate = tsk.ActivityDate==null?:'':tsk.ActivityDate.format();
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    Nov 15 '16 at 18:36
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