How can I use multi-currency in SteellBrick CPQ in dev org? My requirement is, suppose I have created a quote using SteelBrick CPQ, now I want to send this to different country's customer, but in their own currency format and value. How can I achieve this using SteelBrick CPQ or do I have to do some customization in my salesforce dev org to achieve it?

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With Multi-Currencies enabled, you'll want to add SBQQ__Quote__c.CurrencyIsoCode on the (CPQ) Quote page layout and select the Currency at the Quote level.

I'm also reading that you want to reuse an existing Quote for a different country. I assume you're planning to clone a quote acting as a template... Unfortunately, you can't change the currency for a Quote having lines items associated to it: you need to remove the products, change the currency then add the products back, hoping that they all have a price in the new currency.

Best bet would be to code the whole thing and simplify the user experience.

Hope this helps :)


Generally, the amount values on Quote will be displayed based on the currency set on Quote. If Currency on Opportunity defers with the currency on Quote then amount value will be displayed with both Opportunity currency and Quote Currency.

If we would like to send the same Quote information to different customers with different currency, we have to write custom logic which will calculates amount for different currencies.

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